Sunday, November 10, 2013

Project #15

Project Based Learning Plan
By: Jennifer Hamrick and Dominique Jones

indians and pilgrims sharing the food
In this lesson plan, 6th graders will prepare a presentation pertaining to The First Thanksgiving. Students will be split into 4 groups and they will be responsible for researching the topic given to their group. The topics that will be given are The Mayflower, The Pilgrims, The Wampanoag Indians and The First Thanksgiving. After students have researched their topics and prepared outlines, they will prepare a rough draft that will be peer reviewed by another group. After review of their rough draft, a final draft will be prepared. On the final day, each group will stand before the class and present their report. Each group will be evaluated by their peers with a Rubric. When all reports are done, the class will enjoy a Thanksgiving Feast together. For core standards, project overview and additional details, please visit our classroom website.

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