Thursday, November 14, 2013

C4K November

My November C4K's are very different than all the other ones that I have had all semester. For my first C4K, Levi had to write a poem. His poem was titled "Where I'm From Poem" and it was such a descriptive poem from a child. Levi wrote about seeing, hearing and tasting. It was such a good poem that I have decided to include it in my post. My comments to Levi were letting him know how much I liked his poem and that with every line he wrote and his descriptions, I could imagine them. I let him know that he had done a great job and I would like to keep up with his blog. One of the most impressive things about this post was that the first two comments on the posts were from Levi's parents. I liked that the parents were involved and supportive.

Micheal Jordan leaping in the air to make a basket
Where I'm From Poem

Where i’m from I see the waves bump up and down like hills
Dipping my feet in the sea I’m looking out for boats
I reach back in for shore and see birds fighting over scraps
All I hear is giant waves crashing into the sand
I smell smoky barbecue coming towards my face

Where i’m from i can see my mum making a lot of noise in the kitchen
I see my mum cooking us dinner in the kitchen
I see u my mum making us nachos for dinner
I see people enjoying themselves eating MC Ds
I see some boys on the playground eating some chip

Where I’m from I hear the crowd like they are cheering for WILL.I.AM has entred the school.
I hear my brothers playing on the trampling like they are Michael jordan doing a slam dunk.
I hear the birds like they are singing a song
I hear people saying happy birthday like they are the crowd cheering the all blacks

Where I’m from I am taste is my middle name
I taste the salty sea water in my mouth like i have never had water for three years
I taste the salt of the hot chips that tangles off my tongue
I taste the sauce that it dribbles down me that came off my hot dog

map showing where Auckland New Zealand is from United States
For my last C4K for this semester I read a blog post from Amelia. Amelia is a 2nd grader from Auckland, New Zealand and has been learning about the Chinese New Year. Amelia drew a picture of what she learned and then read a short description that was video taped and posted to her blog. In my comments to Amelia, I let her know how much I liked her blog post and that her video was done very well and that she read very well too. I also let her know that I liked her drawing. Her drawing was so good that I am going to attach it to this post.

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