Friday, November 1, 2013

C4K October

C4K #5

front book cover of Out of My Mind by Sharon Draper goldfish jumping out of fishbowl
For this student blog that I was assigned was a boy named Thomas Pickle. Thomas Pickle's class was reading a book "Out of My Mind" by Sharon Draper. Thomas' teacher assigned them questions to answer about Chapter 7 -

1. Right away in Chapter 7, Melody talks about how she dreams she can do anything. Think about a dream that you have had. How can you make that dream into a reality?
2. Why do you think it is hard for teachers to stay with Melody and her class?
3. Why do you think the episode with Mrs. Billups is important to the story as a whole?
Thomas responded to the questions with:
If she were the way she is in her dreams she would be so so happy compared to how she is now.
I think its hard beacause they dont under stand them and they dont really have any control of ther bodies.
I think mrs.Billups thoght they were the dumbest most disabled people in the universe so I think its good that Melodys mom had a big fight with mrs.Billups

In my comment to Thomas Pickle, I let him know that I liked his answers to the questions and that he had used complete sentences like his teacher asked. I also let him know that because of his responses, he had me interested in the book and I wanted to read it.

C4K #6

swimming pool in a backyard with four young boys holding hands and jumping in together
This student blog I was assigned to a student named Jay. Jay's teacher gave the class 10 questions to choose from and write about on their blog. Jay chose to write about his hobbies. Jay said - My hobbies are: playing video games, reading, and swimming.Yay!

I commented to Jay that I really liked his list of hobbies and that swimming was one of my favorites. Jay lives in Canada so I wrote to him about how winter was just starting to make it's way here and our swimming season was coming to an end. I let him know that it was 23 degrees Celsius (74 degrees Fahrenheit) for Mobile that day and wondered if that was perfect swimming weather for him.

C4K #7

blue monorail travelling over parking lot
In this blog, I was assigned a student named Spencer from Christchurch, New Zealand. Spencer was given a choice of two topics to blog about and he chose to write about his three wishes for Christchurch city rebuild. His first wish is a monorail for all the tourists and locals to travel in and it would be free to do this. His second wish was a new big pool. After he described it, it sounded like a water park. His third wish was for the city to build a theme park with submarine rides to see dolphins and whales and a giant roller coaster.

In my comments left for Spencer, I told him how much I liked his ideas and that out of the three, I couldn't decide which one I liked the most. All of his ideas could help the city out. I also let him know that I liked his writing style and enjoyed reading his blog.

C4K #8

wheelchair sitting in front of stairs
For my fourth student blog this month, I read a blog from Christina in Ontario, Canada. Christina is in 7th grade and has also been assigned the book "Out of My Mind" and it was interesting to read her interpretation of the book versus my first student this month, Thomas. Christina wrote about how people were judging the main character Melody because of her appearances and not who she truly is. Christina also wrote about not underestimating anybody.

In my comments to Christina, I told her how I thoroughly enjoyed reading her post. I told her that at the beginning of the month, I had been assigned to a different student whom had read the same book and had to respond on it. I told her that between the two of them, I wanted to read the book. I encouraged her to keep working hard and to try expanding on her answers.

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