Sunday, October 27, 2013

Project #14

a child's homemade volcano
Project-Based Learning Lesson Plan

For this lesson plan, I prepared a week long lesson plan for 4th graders. The courses of study that will be covered are English Language, Writing, Social Studies, Public Speaking and Science. Students will begin the week watching a video about volcanoes. When the video is over, I will split the students into group of four (based on a class having 24 students). Each group will then be assigned a different volcano for research. Possible research topics are Mount St. Helens, Mount Vesuvius, Mauna Loa, Mount Pinatubo, Mount Bromo and Mount Etna. While in group, students will research their volcano using icurio or discovery education and prepare a rough draft. Groups will then exchange rough drafts for review and then final papers will be prepared. Groups will then create a replica of their volcano using Model Magic and paint. At the end of the week, groups will present their research paper and volcano model. Peers will evaluate the students research paper presentation with a rubric and I will evaluate the groups on their volcano model with a rubric. On the final day of this unit, I will bring in a volcano model that I made and will put baking soda and vinegar in my volcano and let the students see how a volcano can erupt. For a complete look at my lesson plan please visit my classroom webpage, Ms. Hamrick's Classroom

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  1. Are there any other ways in which you could include technology into a project like this?