Sunday, October 6, 2013

Project #13

Project Based Learning Plans

by: Jennifer Hamrick and Dominique Jones

pictures of various famous Alabamians that says Alabama Hall of Fame
In this lesson plan, 4th graders will prepare a presentation on a famous Alabamian. Students will begin by researching their choice of Alabamian through icurio or Discovery Education. Once research is completed students will prepare an outline using an online outline tool. Students will then write a rough draft that their peers will review. Once corrections are made, a final draft will be prepared for review by their teacher. Lastly, the students will stand before their class and present their research paper. Through a rubric, the student's peers will critique them on their writing and performance during their presentation. For full details, a calendar and core standards covered, please visit our classroom website


  1. Good idea. How much time per day? Why stretch it out over so many weeks? How evaluate? Rubric? Using the BIE forms would help.

    Excellent creation of website!

  2. Dr. Strange,
    I am glad you liked our idea and our website. When making this lesson plan, it was guesstimated that only about an hour to max two would be spent on the project a day, That amount of time was selected due to other things that need to get done daily in the classroom, ie PE, recess, choir, math and science. The stretch over so many weeks was for a various amounts of reasons also. We kept in mind that this research paper would be one of the first ones ever written by the 4th graders and if everybody in the room doesn't have access to the internet/computer/ipad and has to share it would take longer for the students to gather all of their information. With up to 25 students in a class, we wanted to make sure proper time was given to editing and that the teacher would have time to help students in need. We stated in our overview and calendar that evaluation would be a peer evaluation done during the oral presentations with a rubric. On our website if you were to select Forms and Docs under More Stuff, you would see three choices. We had our rubric under Famous Alabamian Peer Evaluation, our calendar and our overview. We did choose to use forms from BIE for the overview and calendar but chose a rubric from another website because the content in that rubric seemed to fit perfectly in for a peer evaluation. I am unsure why you can only "view" part of our overview but if you select download, you can view all the pages.
    Did we not use the correct BIE forms? Should we have used more? Would you have wanted a rubric for the teacher to use also?

    Thank you for the comments,

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