Sunday, October 6, 2013

C4K September Summary

C4K #1 - Elizabeth-Nicole

Elizabeth-Nicole is a 10th grader at Baldwin County High School and her blog was "I Believe In Cooking Beef Stew". She wrote about the tradition in her family of cooking beef stew and how it brings the family together. Elizabeth-Nicole believes that "beef stew is the best home cooked meal ever." In my response to Elizabeth-Nicole, I let her know that I liked the connection she made between the cooking of beef stew and her family. I wrote to her about my father's best ever spaghetti sauce.

C4K #2 -
lego version of Jango Fett
Simon wrote about Jango Fett who is a Star Wars character. He told about Jango Fett being the starter of the clones. The Clones were made to fight droids. I commented to Simon that his choice of topic had me interested and caused me to research it more. I let Simon know that I had two little girls so, all I knew about was Barbies and My Little Ponies.

C4K#3 - Melaia

Melaia posted a picture of her weekly reflection that had a goal for the current week and the following week. The current week's goal was "this week I want to finish my math whiz". The following week Melaia wrote "I want to learn to finishing all of my work." I responded to Melaia that I liked her weekly reflection and the goals she was setting for herself. I told her that goals are important and how they give you something to reach for.

sign saying The American Dream with Dream in red, white and blue
C4K #4 - Lauren

Lauren wrote about "The American Dream". Lauren wrote about the goals of our government and how they all lied within the idea of the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Lauren commented on how we take for granted what our founding fathers created. Lauren discusses that in other countries, being a leader is dangerous. I wrote to Lauren about how much I like history and studying it history. I let Lauren know that I liked her writing style and how easy it was to read her blog. I was able to understand Lauren's blog and knew what her opinion was. I also let Lauren know that her blog was one of my favorites to read thus far.

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  1. The student's blogs in which you read this past month look exciting. You seem to have enjoyed reading their blogs. I think that you made this assignment personable when you to related to the student's post.